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Review Race Profits Australia Download Full

Review Race Profits Australia Download Full

Race Profits Australia Review

Welcome to our review of Race Profits Australia

The RPA service is a simple tipping system selecting daily selections from Australian horse racing, delivered via email each day. The cost of this service is £40 for 28 days, or £90 for 90 Days, offering a considerable saving over the monthly fees. There is also online advice via the dedicated membership site and introductory free 7-day trial period. Race Profits Australia  is managed by Jon Roberts of Betfan and he states on the website: “In my honest opinion there is no proof in the pudding before the eating and that is why to launch Race Profits Australia, I have opted for a free 7 day trial. My formula rarely lets me down and I’m sure that serious readers will stay way, way, way beyond a free trial simply because they’re winning good consistent money” Jon bases the daily selections on the following 3 criteria 1. A bespoke formula for identifying most likely ‘improvers’ on their next outing. 2. Information is cross referenced this against a ‘base rating’ I have to ensure they still have enough improvement left in the ratings. 3. Lastly I ensure the selections are running a few certain types of race to ensure they are properly qualified with the right conditions for success. I will follow the Race Profits Australia service for 60 days placing the recommended stake of £10 on each bet with results recorded against Betfair SP, or at advised odds.

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