lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011


Voting locations by ZIP code are a valuable thing to find today. To actually detect the voting locations by ZIP code, Google stands to be the most valuable source. In addition,

the Democratic National Committee is offering their help online, since they need to get out the vote today. Of course, even if people know where they can go to vote, it doesn't guarantee that they will actually go. But if they are going to do so, then finding their nearest voting locations by ZIP code shouldn't be too difficult.

Google Labs is leading the way to find nearby voting locations. Their Election Center requires the user to type in their full address, including city and state. Afterwards, Google Maps will find the nearest places from someone's home to vote from.

There are other sources to find voting locations by ZIP code, however. Chief among them is the Democratic National Committee, whose Polling Locator also lets people find locations near their address. However, they also offer the best and fastest routes to get there from home.

Even though these sites find polling places, there's still no way to know how long the lines will be, and how busy things will get, until one gets there. For some, finding a poll might not be the problem, as they may have to squeeze it in between their other daily activities, or work schedule.

In addition, there are questions as to how many people want to find voting locations by ZIP code, or by any other means. The Democrats are predicted to lose big tonight, partly because their base might be too fed up to come out in droves. With many disappointed by a presumed lack of progress from the Obama administration, they might not be as inspired to vote as they were in 2008.

While the support from the Democratic base might be in question, few are questioning whether the Republicans will come out. They may have the batch of new voters this time around, even though they might be more aligned with the Tea Party than the GOP.

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